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Affection is a thermometer of marriage. When we are newlyweds, we cannot stop kissing, touching or hugging each other. Our hands are continually intertwined. We are insatiable.

Yet, when we have been married a few years, the affection wanes and we become separated by a hectic life. As time continues to pass and we grow apart, tending to our own individual lives, and affection and intimacy become less frequent. We may have a short kiss [peck]  once a day or maybe at birthdays and Christmas.  We grow embarrassed by hugs or holding hands. We would never do so in public.

Without realizing it, we are telling the world something about our marriage. Of course, not every person is as affectionate as others. Therefore, this is will not be true of everyone.

However, for many marriages, their lack of affection is an indicator of something serious. Maybe they no longer have a fire for one another. Maybe  it is gravity that continues to pull them through life, rather than passion.

Rekindle affection in your marriage. Hug, kiss and hold hands. Take walks together and laugh over nothing at all. Continue to court one another and give gifts. The joy that you gain will be worth all of the original discomfort. Why wait, start today! There are few things more beautiful than a couple who has been married for many years, walking along and holding hands. That can be you! Get started immediately.


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