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Using Twitter

I have been on Twitter a short time, but I enjoy it immensely. It is a better source of news, than any resource I have come across. I follow the Twitter feeds of hundreds of people. They include people from the world of politics, news, social media and sports. Many of them are highly placed in these fields and you can find things out before the news sites post them. This was especially true during the recent natural disasters. In addition, the commentary from these esteemed individuals is invaluable.

My name on Twitter is @RichardMansel and you are welcome to follow me [the term used of those who read your posts or tweets on Twitter]. You can see some of my Tweets on the right side of this site, in the far column.

Using Twitter for enjoyment, edification and the spreading of the gospel is an excellent tool to expand your scope online. I want to do a better job in utilizing the medium. I hope that others who visit this site will use Twitter and want to grow.

I will be posting tools and links to help you in your quest. I hope you find them interesting. If you are not on Twitter, you can ignore them or join us.


Twitter Tools

Twitter Grader

Mashable Twitter Tools

Sociable Blog Twitter Utilities

WordPress Twitter Plugins


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