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Writing to Glorify God

God calls us to spread the gospel to the world ( Mark 16:15). As long as the message is not compromised, the style of communication resides with the imagination and technologies of man.

The written word has stirred hearts for thousands of years. Nations rise and fall on the power of words. They open hearts or shatter them forever. Souls move into the light or run to darkness through the power of ink on canvas.

How do we move people for good with our humble thoughts? What methods will stir the passions of men and bring them closer to God? If we will produce impactful words that lead readers to salvation, we must consider these four concepts.

Unleash the Power. We must open our minds to the potency of language. Seeking the right word requires that we are familiar with the language. The storehouses of our mind brim with resources, because we have planted and harvested.

A writer who will not read is a writer who will not be read. If we will not fill our plate, we cannot eat.

The tool of language will be ineffective, if it is dulled by lack of use. Learn new words and their meanings and allow them to become partners in your art.

Become a voracious and judicious reader. Become a student of quality writers. Study their craft and emulate, as necessary. Seek out advice on growing as a penman. No one is born a masterful writer or artist. It requires knowledge, study, sweat and blood. Do the work because souls are worth the price we pay.

Weigh the Words. Experienced writers know that great articles are not in the writing, but in the editing. Jumbled thoughts take people nowhere, but to confusion. Razor sharp words keep the attention of their readers.

Spend more time editing than writing. Painstakingly examine every word. Be ruthless and pare the piece down until it is tight and seamless. Ensure that the reader remains in the article. Polish the pacing and rhythm so the reader is carried along with the stream of ideas.

Wrestle the Barriers. All readers bring a set of defenses to a Biblical article, ready to protect their sins and weaknesses. We must be wiser than their schemes.

A skilled writer will study the human mind and patterns of behavior, so they can penetrate the walls we all place around ourselves. Our words must go under their defenses, so the word of God will hit the mark and hearts can be changed.

Challenge the Reader. Paul calls us to speak the “truth in love” (Ephesians 4:15). However, we must be penetrating and address sin, without attacking the person. We are trying to turn them toward God, not to kill and mount them on our wall.

Know the Book and the most incisive ways to soften the hardest hearts. Utilize the Word of God to pierce the souls of men ( Acts 2:37). We seek salvation above everything else.

To produce meaningful writing, we must create portable images. Write visually and the reader will enter the story. Use illustrations and images that convey the meaning and they will spring to life in vivid colors. Jesus used parables and we follow his lead in producing moving pictures for the reader.

Will we write an article or the article? Will we seek to make a difference or meet a deadline? Souls matter more than cold bylines.

God’s mission deserves our best. Open the Word to the world and show the Savior to the people. The responsibility is daunting but the rewards are golden.

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6 thoughts on “Writing to Glorify God

  1. John Henson on said:

    Excellent thoughts. I will try to include them in my work. Great guidance.

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  3. I know there is a reason I have not seen this before. I’m not sure why it came up today, but… This is a good article. As a writer/hopeful communicator I struggle with this as well. What can I, a mere unsophisticated servant, say that will encourage, inspire, and perhaps motivate someone else toward the love of God and Jesus? The thoughts written here are a good encouragment.

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