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Interview with Mike Riley

In order to grow as a writer, we can learn from others who are successful. I hope to include writers and bloggers and those who are succeeding at Twitter, so we can learn from their experience. I hope that you find these interviews compelling.

Mike Riley is a good friend who works with me at The Fellowship Room as a Fellow.  His website Mike Riley’s Articles is very successful and he is doing a great work for the Lord. His moniker at Twitter is @BibleScholar . He also maintains a website for the  Montana  Street Church of Christ in El Paso, Texas. His love for the truth and his knowledge of God’s Word impresses me.

Let’s see what we can learn from his experience. I appreciate Mike being the first one to participate in this series of interviews.

1. Mike, tell us about your blog.

Mike Riley’s Article blog was begun in January of 2006 at the urging of Brothers G.E. (Eddie) Watkins and Kevin Cauley, the originators of “The Preacher’s Files” website. After transferring over 300 previously written articles from “” website to my article blog on “The Preacher‘s Files,“ I began writing and posting articles to it. There are now 1,935 articles on the site.

2. How did you get started as a blogger?

The webmaster (I’ve forgotten his name) for the website ( contacted me via email in May of 2000, and asked me if I would be interested in writing bulletin articles, and I agreed. Before then, I had not written one article.

3. What are the best lessons you have discovered through the years?

Here are some lessons I’ve learned through the years regarding successful writing:

4. What is your strategy for promoting your website?

Telling Christian brethren as well as non-Christians, both online and offline, about the website. Promoting the blog via email, Twitter, Facebook and Brother Eddie Watkins has also helped promote my blog via methods that I know very little about (use of certain software that causes search engines (search as Google and Bing) to be able to find your site quickly and put your homepage link at the top of their page).

5. What are your feelings about Twitter?

I really don’t think it’s as good a social medium as Facebook (even though others would disagree). In my view, it‘s more of a political, news, and sports reporting entity. However, I do post my article links there.

6. What is your strength as a writer?

After over 35 years of teaching various Bible classes, I believe I have a pretty good grasp of the teachings found in the Bible, and as such, can effectively convey that knowledge to others in a simple and concise written form where they can understand it.

7. In what areas can you grow as a writer?

Increasing my vocabulary, improving my editing skills, and any other area a writer needs to improve in (you know those areas better than I do).

8. What plans do you have for the future?

To write as many Bible-based articles as God will allow me to write before my departure from this earthly realm.

9. How important is the design of a blog?

The design of a blog is important (I like to keep it simple and user friendly – everything in alphabetical and numerical order), but the article content is far more important. The content must catch the reader’s eye, or it’s of very little value. Plus, the content has to consist of information the reader is not only interested in, but information that will help them in their everyday walk of life. There are many self-improvements books out there on the market, but only one inspired Book from which we can receive spiritual instruction on improving every area of our life.

10. What do you see is the future of spreading the gospel online?

With our ability to put the printed page, plus audio and video sermons on the Internet, the future is limitless.

The Internet is definitely one of the greatest mediums (if not the greatest) we have ever had in preaching and teaching the gospel of Christ to the world. In a little over a year and a half that I’ve had my Google blog tracker (provided by Bro. Eddie Watkins), the statistics from that tracker tell me that my blog is approaching 45,000 hits and 200,000 page views. The blog has garnered hits from 177 countries around the world. The ability for one person to teach the gospel 24 hours a day, seven days a week without interruption, is still mind boggling to me.

My appreciation to Mike for his time.

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5 thoughts on “Interview with Mike Riley

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  2. John Henson on said:

    Great interview, a wealth of information. Thanks to you, both.

  3. I appreciate your work in this regard, Richard. I enjoyed reading the interview. I look forward to the more that you will surely do.

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