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The Mission of the Writer

When we put our pen to paper, or more often, fingers to keys, we do so with a mission. We establish a goal and pursue it. If we sit down without one, and scatter random thoughts on the paper, the lack of unity will doom our project.

If we have never considered our mission as a writer, we may need to spend some time in consideration. We cannot be aimless in our mission, if we wish to change hearts and minds. No army or sports team goes into battle without a plan.

My mission as a writer is to employ my abilities and fire them with creativity and passion, to create something of power. I write with the end-result in mind. I try to penetrate the hearts of my readers and foresee their perception of my piece.

If my writing is successful, it is because I have circumnavigated the natural defenses of the reader and made them think and engage their feelings about their soul. If they find themselves changed by my thoughts in any way, my mission has succeeded.

J.  Randal Matheny

My mission as a writer is to put people in the presence of God, revealing his great works in his Son Jesus Christ. I seek to create a greater appreciation for his wonderful plan carried out through the centuries and to motivate people to obedience, through the interaction with the Biblical text, delving into the original context in order to apply it today, making plain its meaning and significance for us.

Mike Riley

1) To encourage the reading, studying, and application of God’s word.
2) To teach others who are interested in knowing more about the saving gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

John Henson

My mission as a writer is to communicate God’s word to a reader. As a journalist, one learns very early the writer’s primary duty is to the reader. But, as a writer charged with communicating the truth to a reader who may be lost, the responsibility is twofold. My mission is to direct readers to the way, the truth, and the life — Jesus. So, my mission is to discharge my responsibility to God in writing the truth, and to communicate the truth to a reader who, I hope, will benefit eternally.

Ron Thomas

My mission as a writer, whether it is the bulletin, an article in a publication, or a devotional remark is simply to express and explain something that is on my mind. When I write, I feel I have something to say and it needs to be said. Whether the reader thinks I have anything worthy to be said is another matter. I recently wrote an article for David Pharr (Carolina Messenger), and it took me a whole month is get a final product to send to him. Though I want to express something simply – it is not always accomplished simply!

Jeff A. Jenkins

My goal is to someday slow down and write more. In the meantime, I need all of the advice I can get. My goal in writing is to communicate the love of God and the Word of God to as many as possible.

Weylan Deaver

The best writing packs maximal punch with an economy of creative language, letting the right word carry its weight,
saying more with less in expression of a thought worth stating.

Paula Harrington

My mission as a writer is to encourage those within the Kingdom to grow closer to Jesus and to never give up or give in to this world.  As a mother of five, a full-time employee, and a Christian woman I hope that my writing will also show others that even though life can be hectic and stressful, God can and will lead us to hope, peace, and true love all of which can only be found in Jesus. May the words I write be a beacon in this dark world and all glory and honor go to the One who gave His life for us.

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