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Where Do Writing Ideas Come From?

My article today on Forthright came about as the result of a random thought.  When I woke up on Monday morning, “peace in my pocket,” came out of nowhere and I quickly typed it into a Word document. When I returned home from errands, I opened that document and the thought expanded into an article rather quickly.

People often ask where you get ideas for articles. Many times, you do not know. They just appear out of nowhere. When that happens, they are welcome companions.

Other times, my articles come from my sermons or from the thoughts of others. At times, I write articles on subjects simply because I do not see anyone else talking about it.

“Why” and “What about…” are excellent questions to ask, when searching for a new idea.

When we write fiction, our imaginations have more freedom to run. I enjoy seeing stories that are obviously a result of asking the question, “What if…” The fields of horror and science fiction are replete with these type motivations.

Where do you find your topics? Where do your ideas come from? How can we find new ones?

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5 thoughts on “Where Do Writing Ideas Come From?

  1. Josh Clevenger on said:

    My ideas for articles come from many different sources. Sometimes they come from somewhere up in my own head, but at other times they come from external sources. Sometimes something said to me or around me sticks with me and gives me ideas. At other times song, movie, or book titles might do the trick. Lyrics from songs and lines from movies also can be applied in an article. Sometimes it might be something I read in a book (fiction or non-fiction) that gets the wheels spinning. At other times my own personal study of the Bible reminds me of something which needs to be said. Ideas can come from anywhere, from something as profound as the Word of God or from a cereal box. Wherever the ideas originate, the one who wishes to write compelling articles must always be open to these ideas.

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  3. It is rare that I set out to write an article on something. Generally speaking, the ideas come from two sources. First, my reading of Scripture. I have a reading plan, and when I read I open myself to sermon thoughts that could be reproduced into articles. This is not always the case with me and, in fact, it occurs not often. However, this is how it generally starts. Second, I am always looking at the news online and in hard copy. On occasion soemthing will trigger a thought in me and then I go writing something on that trigger. There are others things that prompt me to write, but these are two that occur most often.

  4. Great use of dialog in your “peace” article. Christian writers don’t use this format enough in teaching articles. Thanks for what you are doing with this blog.

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