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Interview with Blogger Cindy Colley

Cindy Colley is one of the most popular women writers in Churches of Christ. Her website, Bless Your Heart, is one for your bookmarks.  Thanks, Cindy, for your work. All of Cindy’s family are writers. Check out their published works.

1. You have a blog. Tell us about it.

It’s called Bless Your Heart and contains entertaining spiritual issues and ideas that affect women. My readership and responses keep me humble and busy!

2. How did you get started as a writer?

Well, I began more as a teacher than a writer. The first book I published was written when I was twenty-three years old. I was teaching a teen girls’ class at the East Hill Church of Christ in Pulaski,Tennessee, where my husband, Glenn, was serving as the preacher. Writing my own material for that class, I soon began making copies of what I had written for use in various forums. Later, as the demand became obvious for the material, I went to a printer and purchased 500 copies of that little work. Shortly thereafter, Publishing Designs approached me and the rest is history. That first book was originally called Crown of Creation and is now the first in a series by that name.

3. What are the best lessons you have discovered through the years, as a blogger?

Well, I have not even been blogging for a year yet, so I should leave that answer for the more experienced. But I am quickly learning that controversy can ignite from very minimal ingredients when available and accessed by wwww (women on the world wide web).

4. What is your strategy for promoting your website?

I hardly promote at all. I mention it occasionally when I speak to women’s groups and the posts appear on my facebook page. Sometimes I refer folks to it when they ask me questions via email or facebook that have already been addressed in the blog. I think there is also a link between our family website and the blog

5. What are your feelings about Twitter?

I do not have any feelings about Twitter. I do not have a Twitter account, but I suppose if one uses Twitter to be updated and informed, it can be a positive tool. If one allows Twitter, Facebook, the telephone or any other medium to consume massive amounts of time better spent on more useful pursuits, then that medium becomes detrimental to that person. Media forms are amoral. People are moral or immoral.

6. What is your strength as a writer?

My strength is using as few words as possible to evoke action in readers. I am all about outcomes in lives.

7. In what areas can you grow as a writer?

I could definitely grow in vocabulary usage. I would love to grow in imagination; love, love, love to do some fiction. But the answer to this particular question could be very long. In no way do I consider myself to be accomplished. Actually, what I am about is not being a writer; it’s about helping people go to heaven. So I view my challenges to grow as spiritual challenges rather than literary ones. I’m sure the list of improvements I could make as a writer are endless. Doing an interview as a writer is actually something that’s pretty far out of my routine!

8. What plans do you have for the future?

Well, I am currently working on a book about home schooling, I have a children’s book at the illustrator’s right now and a fourth book in the Crown of Creation series is also in the works. I also frequently write for Christian Woman Magazine and THINK magazine. For the immediate future, I am going a bit berserk organizing and preparing for a Girls’ Purity Day this weekend at the West Huntsville Church of Christ in Huntsville, AL. What started as a very small event has exploded in a good way and I am swamped. What a blessing!

9. How important is the design of a blog?

That would all depend, I would think, on the purpose of the blog. Let’s face it: If Nick Saban wrote a post each morning on a daily blog about Crimson Tide football, a poor design would not be an impediment to his readership. I, on the other hand, need an eye-catching design to introduce women, who are interested in a better relationship with God, to an unknown site by a relatively unknown author. I am extremely thankful to my friend, Jennifer Benavides, who is blessed with this uncanny talent for designing and maintaining Bless Your Heart. She rocks!

10. What do you see is the future of spreading the gospel online?

I am very excited about the endless possibilities. With every new gadget and each price decrease in computer access, comes greater potential for the Lord. This millennium’s efficiency of communication should mean that we can reach more souls in less time. But we have to have the passion. Passion powers and drives this train. That’s what’s so often missing. If denominational people have more passion about their various messages than we do about the saving gospel, then the internet will do more eternal harm than good. There is competition from the prince of darkness for souls. If we, as His people, have prayer-packed passion, though, our Father is powerful enough to compensate for any relative shortages we have in numbers or funding. He can do anything. But we have to care.


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