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Modesty and the Eye of God

The temperature is warming up and the buds are blooming. Spring is about to awaken the land, bringing joy and new life. We love shedding our coats and being comfortable outside. The problem comes when we shed too many clothes.

When warm weather arrives, clothing shrinks dramatically. Suddenly, body parts come out of hiding like animals in hibernation. However, unlike animals hiding in forests, human body parts are very public and no one is immune from seeing them.

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One thought on “Modesty and the Eye of God

  1. Richard,
    I’m new to blogging. I was recently picked up by an exciting literary agent who said, “Ann, your books are ready for a big publisher, but you must start blogging and pick up a following.” So, here I am, with a series of blogs ready to be launched once my website is renovated (hopefully this week) and I’m “surfing” the WorPress blogs. Found yours. Liked it, especially this post I’m responding to. Looking forward to more of your work.

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