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Reviewing Paula Harrington’s “A Common Bond”

Paula Harrington’s new book,  A Common Bond, opens up preaching from the inside and allows her readers into this noble, challenging world. She interviews several well-known and talented preachers and leads them through a series of questions designed to help the world understand what it means to serve God in the ministry.

Harrington spent her formative years as a member of an extended family full of preachers. She saw firsthand the challenges that the families of ministers endure to serve the Lord.

With wisdom, wit and poignancy, the answers to Paula’s questions are certain to touch the heart of her readers. With God as the centerpiece of their lives, these men of God brave any obstacle to serve the Lord they passionately love.
For young preachers and their wives, this book is indispensable as they can gain a better understanding of their future. They learn which paths to take and which ones to avoid.

Paula’s own passion for God’s Word is evident in this book and for that, and the reasons above, I can recommend, A Common Bond for God’s people.

Paula writes for Forthright Magazine and the Fellowship Room. She can be found at her blog, Thinking Jesus


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