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Review of “The Master’s Wall” by Sandi Rog

Sandi Rog’s novel, The  Master’s Wall,  recently won the 2011 Christian Small Publisher Book of the Year Award in the Fiction category. She deserved the award for her excellent work. Read my interview with her.

The Master’s Wall is a Christian novel that powerfully depicts the challenges that Christians faced in the early church in Rome. Persecution was a perpetual threat for God’s people in Rome. Rog’s research is readily apparent as her readers enter the harrowing world she describes.

Rog tells the story of young Alethea, the daughter of a wealthy, influential man, who meets and becomes fascinated with the handsome slave, David. They quickly develop a clandestine friendship that blossoms into forbidden love.

David is a Christian and wants to lead Alethea to Jesus. Yet, to accept his offer, Alethea would have to give up everything she has ever known.

Rog does not shy away from the plan of salvation. Her unabashed focus on Christ and the Scriptures is a refreshing example of what Christian fiction can accomplish.

She addresses the themes of love, betrayal, courage, obedience and friendship. Struggling to survive in a dangerous, violent world, David fights to gain his freedom from slavery through his strength and faith.

I heartily recommend this interesting, well-written novel to my readers.


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