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Review of Douglas Kashorek’s “Kin of Cain”

In Kin of Cain, Douglas Kashorek updates the story of Beowulf and throws in a large dash of Scripture and Adirondack history. Kashorek is a skilled writer and storyteller and he has a bright future in literature.  Kin of Cain is his first novel.

Douglas Kashorek is the minister for the Plattsburgh church of Christ. Kashorek became an adjunct writing teacher at Clinton Community College in 2008. He has served as a book reviewer and features writer for Lake Champlain Weekly since 2010.

Read my interview with Kashorek.

Kin of Cain is a complex story that moves beyond the limitations of time and space. Utilizing the tools of Fantasy fiction, the complex story brims with action and suspense. Kashorek tells the story of Inez Crandall and her great-granddaughter, Sarah Crandall.

Escaping an abusive past and nightmares of killing her father, Sarah Crandall discovers her family’s history in Nod, east of Eden, through the strange Pass of Fire in the Great Depression Adirondacks. There, in the home of her ancestors built upon the foundation of Hrothgar’s hall, she fights the spirit of her great-grandmother waiting to possess her and the horror that loved her in centuries past.

In Enoch, the city built by Cain in rebellion to God’s curse to wander the earth, Sarah must choose to become ‘Adah’ of the Biblical prophecy or lose her life. Love, redemption, sacrifice, and the consequences of sin feature heavily in this twisted “Beauty and the Beast” tale that will leave you wondering if you are not also … kin of Cain.

Sarah finds herself caught in the web of her family history and her perceived destiny with the dark powers of the ancient world. Greed threatens to consume her. All the while, a man tries to save her by the power of love and the Gospel.

Kashorek fills the books with Biblical quotations and shares the power of preaching, Scripture and redemption with his readers. Christian fiction is exploding in popularity and more men are writing in the field, combining Truth with the power of fiction. In almost every genre, readers can find powerful, clean stories to read.

To my knowledge, Douglas Kashorek is the only man in Churches of Christ with a novel published. He is blazing a trail that others and I will hopefully follow.

Kin of Cain is loaded with Adirondack history, which I knew nothing about. Those who know the area, say that his knowledge is impressive.

Benjamin Pomerance, writer for the Lake Champlain Weekly, writes:

“Also remarkable to me is the ease in which the author weaves historically documented reality – the J. & J. Rogers Lumber Company, the Chateaugay Ore & Iron Co., the D & H Railroad, and other sites recognizable to Adirondack history aficionados which appear throughout the book – with pure fantasy.”

The Biblical setting, the history, action and suspense will likely keep you reading into the night. Kin of Cain is the first in a trilogy of books. So, join the story early.


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