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Review of “Choose!” by J. Randal Matheny

Books come in different forms and serve various purposes. Some books are read, then shelved so they can be retrieved during times of difficulty. Like poems and Psalms, they wrap us in a protective coat and inspire us to persevere. With wisdom and guidance, they offer us a gentle push and help change our perspectives on life.

J. Randal Matheny’s book, Choose! 13 Choices to Transform Your Heart and Soul is one such book. It is a short but powerful book of devotional thoughts designed to spur our thinking and help us develop a healthier outlook on our daily lives.

[Read my interview with Randal]

Matheny writes about personal responsibility, which is desperately needed in our age. Too many people think that our life’s trajectory cannot be changed and we are stuck with misery.

Matheny asks us to choose better climes. He writes, “You have options. Your choices can transform your life. You’re not at the mercy of impersonal forces. The key is the type of choice you make. This book will show you great possibilities within your reach by focusing on choices within your control.”

Choose! is concise and filled with fabulous quotes and well-chosen passages from Scripture to educate us in the choices we should make. We choose how we handle this life and Matheny wants to play a part in helping us make wise decisions. His layered approach is useful with commentary, quotes, Scripture and practical applications.

Make a wise decision and purchase Choose! today.




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