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Immodesty and Naive Women

Some women have been deluded into believing they can accomplish the impossible. They have been sold a destructive lie.

Some women want to dress very sexy in order to draw the eyes of men. In other words, show off what they have. They know that this will catch a man. The delusion comes in when they think that they can choose who will be caught by their wares. They want to attract cute guys but they don’t want to draw in the rest. That seems natural to some. However, let us dig deeper.

A jewelry store in a prime location at a popular mall puts its largest diamonds on display in a window. Women crowd around to look at the beautiful stones. The owner of the store keeps telling them to leave because these diamonds are only to be seen and enjoyed by millionaires.

Yet, the women keep coming despite all of their efforts to stop them. They cannot make the wrong people stop looking at the diamonds! They even put up a sign that says that only millionaires can look at the diamonds. Everyone who passes by ignores the sign.

Returning to the issue of immodesty, a teenage girl dresses as sexy as she can in order to attract a guy working at a certain mall store. She walks by the store and into it several times. However, every man, both young and old, also watches her every move as she struts through the aisles. She gets annoyed at their attention. Hmmm.

We all would agree that the diamond store is ridiculous to think that only the right people will look at the diamonds and that everyone else will ignore them. This is against human nature. We all admire beauty. So, if it is ridiculous for the jewelry store, why is it not also just as silly for the girl with her lack of clothes?

Does this girl actually think that only the right people will notice her nearly naked body? Does she not know anything about human nature?

Even women watch a beautiful fully clothed woman when she enters a room. Why would it surprise anyone that a nearly naked woman would attract even more attention? Moreover, why does she think that she can decide who will watch her and who will not? Her nearly naked body is bare before the public. She made this decision. She has lost the right to complain when it draws attention.

Now, if she is modest and draws the notice of every man, then this is a different story.

Nevertheless, blatant immodesty has consequences that will not disappear just because we want them to do so.


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One thought on “Immodesty and Naive Women

  1. Linda Newsted on said:

    Excellent post Richard. It is needed most at this time of year when the weather is hot and everyone is going for cooler. Guess that is one of the reasons I prefer cold weather as everyone wears more clothes. I am very blessed that the girls in my family are well dressed. Believe me I cast a wary eye on what they are wearing and have yet to feel forced to say a word. My granddaughters very seldom wear shorts, this is Texas country and jeans are always “in style”. Think Wilburta Arrowwood said it best “the only thing strappy you should be wearing is on your sandals”. Keep up the good work.

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