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Reviewing “Outlining Your Novel”

K.M. Weiland’s book, “Outlining Your Novel” is a wonderful resource for writers. She proposes a program where most of the hard work is done before we begin our first word. We design the plot, characters and scenes through brainstorming, planning and hard work.

Like an architect, we build the house on paper, so we can easily construct it on the property. When we finish the planning stage, we will have a clear destination in mind.

Writers can become lost in the morass of their imagination and produce a disjointed first draft that requires massive revisions and heartache. Why not save the stress and pain relievers by outlining?

Weiland is cognizant of the need for fresh ideas and allows writers the option of deviating from their original plan. Our characters become living, breathing individuals with a measure of freewill. They have to go their own way, sometimes. Accordingly, she provides input on how to let our characters blaze new paths while retaining our own vision. Some characters do need a leash, after all.

“Outlining Your Novel” is a treasure for aspiring and experienced writers that will be retrieved again and again.


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3 thoughts on “Reviewing “Outlining Your Novel”

  1. Jim Gammon on said:

    Sounds like this would also be a boon to speakers, needing to organize their “thoughts/message” to enable audiences to see it more clearly.

    Thanks for the review.

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