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Write To Be Quoted

Writers should never use flowery language simply to impress the reader with their skill. The story or the article is the focus, not us. We stand behind the piece we are writing.

Overwriting is an unforgivable sin. It cheapens the story and distracts the reader, negating any work we have done. Accordingly, the story or message we have labored to create has no audience because of our ego.

Instead, write to be quoted. We utilize all of our skills to construct powerful sentences that stand out in the reader’s mind. We have our own Hemingway or Dickens moment.

The turn of a phrase blends into the story but towers majestically above it. It is the master brush stroke, for which we rejoice and the agony of all our labors wash away.

Imagine the scene when the reader stops reading and shares the sentence with a loved one. Pursue this priceless moment with a passion, knowing  we have created a sentence that is resilient and timeless. Such craftsmanship is how books become old and well-worn.

Always strive to grow as a writer, never settling for mediocrity. Practice, learn, dream and when it all comes to focus in a pristine piece of prose, we are ebullient about the thing of beauty our mind has crafted.

Be proud and try to do it again.


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