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Visual Writing

I did extensive editing on an older article and this excerpt is designed to illustrate visual writing. We need to write so that our readers can see what is happening in their mind’s eye. They can imagine themselves in the action as they would in a theater watching a movie or a play. Readers identify with this style of writing and that will keep them reading.

A loved one dies and our world crumbles. We are certain we will never endure the horrors, so we vainly grope for hope and solace. Light fades to darkness and the familiar becomes foreign. The colors of the world, once solid and sure, become dull and uncertain. We cannot find anything reliable to hold in our hands.

The day of visitation arrives. Tearfully, our loved ones line up to offer condolences. Their words are a jumble and their gestures numbing. Our dazed mind struggles to focus.

Family members gather around us as tears briefly turn to laughter at joyous reunions and happy memories. Momentarily, we feel sane again.

The funeral arrives, cloaked in solemn black, and part of our heart enters the earth. Afterward, we stagger home, numb and less than whole. The world is off its axis.

Time becomes a blur as we mechanically face the kind words, tears, food and hugs of strangers. We hover between reality and unreality, never sure where to put our feet.

We feel lost. Yet, the day crawls forward and the fitful night arrives. Against our will, the morning blossoms anew. Days and nights follow and we feel guilty for existing. Yet, gravity moves us forward. We face new days and challenges filled with moments of sadness.

Appointments and responsibilities call for our attention. The inevitability of time helps us heal. Without it, grief would swallow us whole. Time heals because it saves.

We assemble our mementoes as our shrine to reflect upon as we continue our existence. Eventually, we find new patterns in our lives and days begin to flow as the sun rises and falls.

Even though we feel less than whole, the new reality faces us in the mirror every day and we turn and put one foot before the other and keep living.

Do you see what is being described? Can you identify if you have endured such a heartbreaking loss?

What input do you have about visual writing? Is it challenging for you? How does it benefit our writing?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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3 thoughts on “Visual Writing

  1. Enjoyed the Writer’s group yesterday. I cannot wait until next month’s meeting. I’ll be reading your posts in the meantime.

  2. This is so real. An unbelievably good description. Well done.

    I’m not good at visual writing. Need to practice that. A good assignment for myself.

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