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What Would be Your Perfect Home Library?


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7 thoughts on “What Would be Your Perfect Home Library?

  1. Jim Gammon on said:

    Richard: I have the books, but no one will let me have one end of the house for a library.

  2. Richard,

    You ask an interesting questions because many people do not have libraries today or do not want libraries. The other end of the spectrum are people who are buying more digital resources than physical books. Currently I have about the same amount of physical books and digital resources.

    I have mentioned to Carrie that I would love to have a office out back that looks like a barn from the outside, but on the inside is lined with books and have my desk in the middle. The spiral staircase would double as a way to get books and a playground for the kids.

    Just my two mites.


  3. I would love a BIG office with books floor to ceiling made into the wall on one long wall. On the other, I would have shorter shelves with a window with a beautiful, peaceful scene and soothing paintings. I would have a desk with two recliners and a couch, a printer and a table for laying out my manuscript.

    Since it is an office, I would also have a TV, small refrigerator and a bathroom so I could spend a lot of time there reading and writing. 🙂

    Ah, what a joy that would be!

  4. Well, on one hand, I already HAVE the perfect home library… two ten-foot tall by ten-foot long built-in shelves, almost completely covering one wall (except for the gap to house the wood stove). It’s the first time in years that all my books have actually fitted on shelves and not had to be stacked up in corners. (Not to mention that the rest of the room is full of guitars and mandolins and drums and antique swords and antlers and so forth, very old-school manly.)

    On the other hand, the room doubles as my office and studio and band rehearsal room, so its arrangement is constantly in flux and the wood stove gets ashes all over everything and there’s no plumbing, etc. etc.

    I kind of want what already have, just dedicated strictly to library-ish functions… but with a nice big billiard table in the middle!

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