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What Kind of Bookmarks Do You Use?

I am interested in what you use as a bookmark. I have a basic one from the library and I use it until it wears out. The bookmarks I use don’t have any special qualities or significance. They are simply functional.

I read one book at a time. Some of you read several books at once, so you will need a lot of markers. Do you use certain ones for specific purposes? Do you get them from the library or cheap ones from bookstores or do you actually go out and buy them?

Should be interesting to read your responses.


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10 thoughts on “What Kind of Bookmarks Do You Use?

  1. My bookshop gives them out for free, if those aren’t around I use receipt or any random bit of paper.

  2. I usually use the “traditional” soft cloth type for my Bible. For the rest of my books I usually end up with a little piece of paper or most often a pencil/pen that doubles as a bookmark until the next time I pick it back up.

  3. Pieces of paper, when I don’t have anything else handy. My mom bought me a bookmark with my name. I use it when it’s nearby. For my Bibles, I’ve ripped out the cloth markers out of old agendas, for a NET Bible that has no marker, and for others that do, but I want more, for teaching or preaching.

  4. I use a metal bookmark that has my name engraved on it. Though it does fall out a lot since it’s heavy, I absolutely love it since it’s unique. πŸ™‚

  5. I use whatever scrap of paper I can reach when I need to close the book. It’s fun to pick up a book I want to reread and discover a grocery receipt from ten years ago, or one of our kid’s old drawings (kids are 38 and almost 40 now), or a scrap of rough draft for a book that’s been published for several years, or some combination of words that make me wonder what on earth I was thinking. πŸ™‚ I have been given bookmarks. I’m sorry to say I almost never use them. I’ve never bought one.

  6. I use fortune cookie fortunes. When I lose or destroy one, that means it’s time for the fortune to come true!

    I’ve been doing it since I was fifteen and discovered both boys and Chinese food. This is the first time I’ve actually questioned the practice since then.

  7. I started using my business cards as bookmarks. I do this because if I am out reading and need to hand out some information it is quick and easy. It also does not cause me stress when I lose a bookmark.

    Friends and family have bought me some nice bookmarks and I cannot find any of them.

  8. sborococ on said:

    Like Chris, I use my business card. It has several advantages: The placement of the front of the card shows me exactly where in the opening I left off; if I lose it, I usually have another in my pocket and its handy if I don’t have another with me but want to give it to someone.

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