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Love for Daughters

We all love to talk about the things that bring us joy in life. As readers of this site know, books and writing are two of mine. However, there is much more to me than that.

In addition to God and my beautiful wife, my daughters are the greatest joy in my life. In fact, daughter is one of my very favorite words.

I love all three of my girls! Their beauty-both inside and out-make my heart sing the song of praise to God. They are beautiful, intelligent young women and they brighten the world they inhabit.

As a father, I love talking about my daughters and having found a way to make e-cards, I love sharing my passion.

They are all wonderful, loving ladies who are eager to help me when I am having a hard time walking or need help carrying things. Their hugs are havens of warmth and peace. I fill with pride when I hear their voice or see their face. Hearing them say “Dad” or “Daddy,” is better than the greatest song.

God really outdid Himself when He made daughters and may all praise be to Him for his wonderful gift!


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