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The Informed Writer

Links to various things that I think writers might find interesting. Since we are all different, we will not all agree. But, hey, what can you expect for free. 🙂

See my other Informed Writer posts for a bevy of links.

Why Reading is Good for your Brain

Nine images from Washington Irving books

An African-American young man asks what’s wrong with reading? The culture NEEDS to change

Literary Agent is Attacked by an Author who had his Manuscript Rejected

Ten Surefire ways to Succeed in Publishing

35 Fossil Words

The 2012 Man Booker Short List

Finding the Right Word and using a Thesaurus 

Garbled Scholarship of the American Civil War

The Anatomy of Book Reviews — Are they Dead?

Tips for getting book reviews published

Guns and Villains 

Weave a story that captivates 

Promote Your Writing on Pinterest

Plan your Non-Fiction Book

How much should you charge for your e-book?

Google wins stay on e-book case

Ten Grammar Rules

The Flawed Villain

Review of Salman Rushdie’s “Joseph Anton” about death threat from Muslims

Book Review of Michael Chabon’s “Telegraph Avenue”

Movie-Related Books for the Fall

Why we Love Mystery Novels

Thirteen Demons that can Keep you from Writing


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One thought on “The Informed Writer

  1. James E. Gammon on said:

    Thanx. Interesting list. Appreciate it. Will try to send three good recommendations on reasoning which I used in my teaching plans for a Phil of Religion course. They are good in almost anything not demanding strict formal logic. They are very good for writing. Yours for a great life, Son of Clovis


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