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Reading Lists

Years ago, I began keeping a list of the books I read and listen to. Every year I have a goal of reaching 100 and I never make it. I’ve made it to the upper 80’s but no more. Right now, I am in the mid-60’s.

Anyway, as a result I have been reluctant to read books over 500 pages. I’m thinking maybe I need to skip next year and tackle some longer books. I have been neglecting history books and novels such as Les Miserables and Moby Dick

What about you? Do you have reading goals? Do you make a list of all that you read?

I look forward to your replies. As always, thank you for reading my humble blog!


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7 thoughts on “Reading Lists

  1. I got on Goodreads last year. Before that, I never bothered to keep track.

  2. 최다해 gongjumonica on said:

    I have my TBR list, but it keeps on growing every time I update my Goodreads account. After finishing one book, there’ll be lots of recommendations that will end up in my reading pile. How I wish I can read all of them!

  3. Beverly Rainwater on said:

    I too have been keeping track of what I read since 2009. I do it just so I have a running account that is easily checked if I am not sure have read a book that I might be looking at to buy. I hate buying a book, open it up, start reading and finding I have already read it because then I can’t read it again as I remember what happens and it drives me insane! LOL! I have found I also like just seeing if I read more or less each year. Since I read a lot of church related books I sometimes can’ find them on Goodreads so I also keep a written journal of te books I have read. I love to read, it relaxes me, puts me in a great mood and helps me to rejuvenate so there is always a long TBR list or pile somewhere!

  4. Atlas Shrugged, here you come? 😉

  5. Thank you brother, after reading this, I am now trying hard to finish the 7 or 8 I have read some of but not finished and will certainly be setting some goals for the new year. Thank you! Love the blog by the way, I might even switch to this theme if you don’t mind me copying you.

  6. I never pay attention to reading lists. I go with my reaction to reviews, pleas from authors & publishers. I am in my third year of over 200 per year.

  7. CyberianHamster on said:

    I’ve been keeping a list of all the books I’ve read since I was in Junior High. Definitely helps you remember some of the places you’ve been–and more importantly prevents you from reading the same book twice! To me how many books one reads in a year is not so important–what is more important is that all the books you read were worth reading. As for setting deadlines for reading books, I tackled reading the Babylonian Talmud last year–it took me 8 months of reading a furious 50-100 pages a day, but I finally did it. I wanted to have read it all before the end of the year; if I didn’t set that goal then I probably never would have finished it. It was very dry reading but it makes you fully appreciate the brevity of the Christian Bible.

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