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Remain Focused on Your Goals

“You will never reach your destination if you stop to throw stones at every barking dog.” [Winston Churchill].

People and problems will try to lure you off the path. Remain focused and keep putting one foot in front of the other. Whether you are moving slow or fast, keep moving forward. Do not allow anyone to steal your dreams.

When the journey is complete, your joy will trump any disappointment from stinging words or hasty retreats by those who once mattered to you.

Persistence is victory and treasure is in the end. Keep going every day. Happy trails.


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2 thoughts on “Remain Focused on Your Goals

  1. James E. Gammon on said:

    Here are three good volumes with good application to writing.

    1. Introduction to Reasoning by Stephen Edelston Toulmin

    Especially good for those already steeped in formal logic, as SET explains good reasoning from a different viewpoint.

    2. Reasoning and Rhetoric in Religion by Nancey C. Murphy

    chapters 1-6 & 9 would be most helpful to writers in general

    3. Logic and Contemporary Rhetoric by Howard Kahane & Nancy Cavender

    subtitled the Use of Reason in Everyday Life and lives up to that subtitle, with separate chapters on reason in

    different areas of writing.

    Most writers, speakers, and preachers would do well to master at least one of these volumes — and keep it handy for

    future reference. This would tremendously improve their output in any area.

    Yours for a great life, Son of Clovis


  2. Love the quote and the picture!

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