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Finding Free E-Books


Most of us bookworms love the texture and feel of a book in our hands. Books are our passion and they fill our lives and houses. Our stacks of books-to-be-read are tall enough to be in second grade.

We carry books everywhere we go and we measure time by our bookshelves.

We live and breathe reading. While we promise never to give up our bound books, our voracious appetites have created a precarious situation.

While we publicly consider ourselves immune to the electronic book explosion, we privately seethe that we are being left out of the party.

Our favorite authors release books or novellas that cannot be found in hardback or paperback form. We complain loudly that we are being forced to move into the scary world of e-books.

We use book money hidden under our mattresses to slink into stores in the black of night to buy e-readers like fugitives eluding the police.

Soon, we learn that two of our favorite words have joined forces to make the world a more beautiful place. We shake and shiver and with all of our energy as we scream FREE BOOKS!!!!!

Suddenly our fears fall like scales from our eyes and we load up on more e-books than we can ever read. We become free book junkies lost forever to reason!

Books! Books! Books! We laugh maniacally! We can hoard books and no one can see them! HAHAHAHA!

OK. Settle down.

In truth, the internet is teeming with free e-books for us to read. Here are a few places to procure them.

Oh, and try to remain calm. Just explore and click away. And remember to check your blood-pressure when needed.

NOTE: I am new to the search and if you know of other resources, say so in the comments and I will check them out and add them if necessary.

You can get free Kindles from Amazon for your computer or smart phone. 

Most libraries are allowing people to check out e-books for a specified time. However, you must read them during the prescribed time or they will disappear from your reader.  Just go into your public library and ask them about this service.

If you go to Google and search for free e-books, be wary because some of them want you to pay to get free books. Personally, I don’t pay for free things. 


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4 thoughts on “Finding Free E-Books

  1. Ruth Lee on said: and / are sites I find lots of free e-books

  2. and offer lots of older (out-of-copyright) free books, both popular and academic. Barnes & Noble/Nook offers lots of freebies of newer books and some older ones as well. The free ebooks are not always easy to find. If there is no listing for free books, look for a way to sort books, then choose “price, lowest to highest.” That will start with free books, but stay alert because the list may change to lower-priced (but not free) books.

  3. Mary Blake on said:

    Thank you for this newsletter. I am especially interested in the free e books. My question is if you will know of free sites for elementary age students?
    Thank you.

  4. Here is another one, Richard: Great article, by the way!

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