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Biblical Historians Needed


I am doing extensive research on the life of the Apostle Paul, his arrest, imprisonment and his voyage to Rome. It has captured my imagination, and I cannot help but talk about it.

Currently, I am gathering materials on Paul, ancient Meditteranean culture and travel and various aspects of the Roman world. Being generous by nature, I want to share some of the materials I find online with my readers who might find them interesting.

We need to be voracious students of God’s Word and develop a scholarly mindset to dig deep into the truth of God’s Word. God deserves our best, and we should never slack in study and sell short the seekers of Truth.

Churches of Christ need more quality historical research on a host of Biblical topics. I urge my brethren to consider such studies to enhance the learning of generations to come. I do not know of a single online resource in the brotherhood on Biblical history outside of restoration history.

The more we know about the world of the Bible, the better we are as students. “The Acts of the Apostles” offers opportunities for for such research on every page. These events happened within a cultural context, and we can open up new windows of insight to enhance the textual story while never compromising the truth of the Gospel.

The internet is, to an extent, the modern equivalent of the magisterial library in ancient Alexandria. The digital works available to the modern Biblical student are astounding. However, we must immerse ourselves in the truth of Scripture, so we can be discerning and wise when we read the works of men. We can cautiously pore over these texts, devouring the meat and dispensing with the bones to grow stronger and more vibrant with the world of the early church.

Preachers face a daunting task when they seek to find the time to do serious research. However, the work calls for us to sacrifice for Him. The online bounty allows us to dig deep into the accumulated studies of ages past without burdening our family with the excessive cost of purchasing materials.

May we ever study and bring glory to God in all we do (Ephesians 3:20-21).


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2 thoughts on “Biblical Historians Needed

  1. aeternitate on said:

    I’m not sure the lack of research explains the absence of information, rather the lack of information explains the lack of research. Beyond the bible, there is little evidence of anything the early Christians did.

    Archaeological digs are easily funded if they have any chance of shedding light on biblical events. Do you have any suggestions?

  2. You are correct. My suggestion is for more work to be done with the information we do have. In my fellowship, little Biblical history is being written. I hope to encourage more interest in this area. In my research, I am finding more than I can ever read. The world of the Bible is there in recorded history, to an extent. We just need more diligent researchers to do the spade work. Thanks for your question!

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