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Commentaries on Acts


Any serious Bible student should have E-Sword. It is free and indispensable to in-depth studies. I use it several times a week, and there are new resources from time to time. It is highly recommended.

I want to share some materials to help you in your study of the “Acts of the Apostles.” Please use your discretion when studying any man-made book. However, the discerning student can benefit from a wide reading of books and articles. Posting these commentaries is not an endorsement of them.

Readers must understand that it would be nearly impossible to produce an exhaustive list of online resources. I am gathering resources for my personal study of Paul’s arrest, incarceration and voyage. Therefore, I am gathering as many materials as I can for my research. In the process, I am sharing these with you. You can use or ignore whatever you choose.

Burton Coffman

John Calvin

Thomas Coke

Adam Clarke

Jamieson, Faussett and Brown

John Dummelow

Albert Barnes

W.R. Nicholl

Paton J. Gloag Vol. 1    Paton J. Gloag Volume 2 

Arno C. Gaebelein

John Gill

Matthew Henry

Pulpit Commentary

John Wesley

James Hardy Ropes 

Adolph Harnack

Jewish, Gentile and Christian Background of Acts

A.T. Robertson


Thomas Eaves

J.W. McGarvey

Henry Alford

John Chrysostom

Hermann Olshausen

Marvin Vincent

Johann Bengel

Phillip Doddridge

H. B. Hackett

Francis Nathan Peloubet

Heinrich Meyer

Daniel B. Wallace essay on Acts Introduction

Thomas Constable

William R. Cannon

W.F. Burnside

J.M. Wilson


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One thought on “Commentaries on Acts

  1. thanks. David Underwood’s course on Acts is free on you tube.


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