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Why Being Thankful May be Impossible

Pile of credit cards, narrow focus.

by Richard Mansel

The bane of the Western world is materialism. We’ve been known for waste and greed in the United States for a very long time. Yet, we’ve been humbled by recent developments. Has it helped?

We spend a lot of money for Thanksgiving and then we go into debt on Black Friday. We thank God for what we have on Thursday and then bow to possessions on Friday.

The American economy has been a disaster over the past decade. /1

The national debt is more than $17 Trillion.
Personal debt is more than $16 Trillion.
Almost 48 million people are on food stamps.
More than 91 million people are out of the work force
More than 21 million people are unemployed.

Despite these staggering numbers, stores are filled with consumers spending money that they don’t have for the latest toys and gadgets. Nothing can stop the swipe of credit cards.

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