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Interesting Reading for History Buffs


As a student of history, I want to share some stories that I find interesting. Hope you enjoy them. You’ll find articles about Archaeology, the Civil War, World Wars One and Two, Naval history and English history.

1. A photographic history of President Abraham Lincoln.

2. A letter from a soldier in World War One was recently found and delivered 98 years after it was written. 

3. Archaeologists discover the remains of 21 Germans preserved in World War One shelter

4. The Confederate sub, the H.L. Hunley, became the first sub to sink an enemy ship.

5. A photographic gallery of the Gettysburg battlefield in winter.

6. Coffee Houses in 17th Century England

7. The Declaration of Independence Desk Created by Thomas Jefferson

8. The USS Essex Sails Around Cape Horn and into History

9. A 13th Century map of England and Scotland

10. The Death of the Apache Warrior, Geronimo 

11. The Mausoleum of Roman Emperor Augustus 

12. The Riddle of Aztec Dog Burials

13. Archaeologists in South Carolina race to uncover a Civil War Prison

14. Red Cross Workers were Suspected of being spies by Germans in Second World War

15. What did ancient Brits eat? 

16. Roman era school found in Egypt

17. How big were Ptolemy’s African War Elephants? 


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