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Remembering D-Day


On the 70th anniversary of D-Day, a variety of news and history sites posted retrospectives on the attack at Normandy. I wanted to share some of those stories and links.

The courage exhibited during the D-Day invasion was one of the most stirring moments in modern warfare. Incredibly brave soldiers stormed the beach knowing they would most likely die. Yet, they did their duty and changed the world. We are all free because of their resolve and iron will. Let us always remember their sacrifice.

Hope you find these links helpful. 

Why D-Day was so important to Allied victory

Maps of Omaha Beach

Archival Footage of D-Day [Loud Video starts automatically].

Color Photos of D-Day

Informative post by the BBC

National Geographic, Walking the Beaches of Normandy

D-Day Timeline

Stunning D-Day Facts

War Artist Watercolor rendition of the Day

Visiting Normandy, an Infographic

Operation Overlord: The Great Gamble

Daily Mirror Coverage of Actual Invasion

What happened after D-Day?

The Most Important Weather Forecast

Exploding the Myths

D-Day Mega Gallery

D-Day at 70 – Victor David Hanson

Eisenhower Leads the Invasion

NOVA, D-Day’s Sunken Secrets

Operation Tiger, a D-Day Disaster

D-Day Documentary Video

 D-Day Documentary

Black Soldiers on D-Day

Remembering the Military Secrecy

In the words of BBC journalists

Rare, Unpublished Photos

US Army website remembrance

A Newsreel Cameraman View

Normandy Landing Science

The Magnetic Sands of Omaha Beach






























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