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Review of K.M. Weiland’s Annotated Jane Eyre


“If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write.” (Stephen King).

We cannot be effective writers unless we are fueled by powerful words. It’s impossible to overestimate the importance of filling our minds with quality writing. Learning from the best accelerates our own growth as a writer.

When we read the best, we accomplish several things.

  1. We’re edified by reading.
  2. We’re elevated intellectually by the story.
  3. We’re enriched by the writer’s craft.

When we can accomplish all those at once and be assisted in that task by a qualified teacher, it rises to another level. Basically, we’re gaining credit hours toward our education as an author for the price of a book.

K.M. Weiland is a talented writer who shares her knowledge and love of teaching through her website  Facebook and Twitter



Her previous books on writing are reviewed on this site.

At her website, you can also peruse her list of novels, as well.

Her current writing book is an Annotated Jane Eyre.

“Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Brontë  (1847) is one of the most beloved novels ever written. “Jane” is a fascinating study in empowerment, courage and resilience. Her difficult childhood is compounded as she finds continual hardship as an adult. Yet, she perseveres to ultimately rise to the top.

Weiland’s previous writing books were good studies. This work rises above them in its maturity. Her growth from one book to the next is decisive. Here, she dissects the plot, characters and pacing with consummate skill.

This was my first time to read “Jane Eyre” so I read the novel first before going back through the advance copy of the annotations. The story was fresh in my mind as Weiland took the story apart.

Readers who are not writers will also enjoy the notes because they can see how skilled Bronte was as a writer.

Weiland is maturing in her craft and we are blessed as a result. The future is bright as she continues to grow and teach along the way.



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One thought on “Review of K.M. Weiland’s Annotated Jane Eyre

  1. K.M. Weiland on said:

    Thank you so much, Richard! I’m so glad you found the annotations useful.

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