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After nineteen years of preaching and advanced degrees from Freed-Hardeman and Southern Christian universities, I am completely  in debt to the Lord. I would have nothing without Him. Special thanks to all my professors, teachers, fellow preachers and friends who have taught and influenced me through these years. I cannot adequately express my gratitude for what you have done to help me. Of course, my wife and daughters are an extraordinary blessing in my life.

My Book on the Plan of Salvation

My Philosophy of Preaching

Why I Love the Bible

Making the Bible Smaller

Three Keys to Deeper Bible Study

Becoming Better Bible Students

Bible Research Tip

Reading the Bible

Negativity in the Pulpit

Writing to Glorify God

Spiritual Maturity is the Answer to Church Growth

Reverence for God

We Cannot Limit God’s Power

The Differences Between Evangelism and Church Growth

God Simplifies, Man Complicates

Meeting the Preacher at the Door After the Sermon

Learning How to Think Like a Christian

Why are Christians Not More Excited?

Excited About Bible Class

Preaching and the Artistry of Words



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