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Reading the Bible


Bradley Cobb has a good short article on the necessity of preachers reading the Bible. Of course, it is essential for every Christian (2 Timothy 3:16-17) but he chose preachers to make a specific point.

Cobb writes:

Many times, preachers kinda know what they want to preach on, or what text they want to bring to light, and then they dig into that text.  They spend so much time doing that, that they trick themselves into thinking that they’ve done enough Bible reading for the week.

This is very true. Preachers rarely have time to do their own study and reading because of the time constraints of ministry. My solution has been to listen to the New Testament while I’m doing work that doesn’t require too much of my attention. I’ve been blessed to listen to the New Testament more than 50 times through the years.

Many times I’ve read the New Testament, as well. Nine chapters a day will allow us to read it through every month.

It is the best reading we can do. Naturally the Old Testament is very important too. However, the New Testament is key since it is the covenant we live under (Hebrews 8-10). Subsequently I’ve listened to the Old Testament far fewer times.

If we start reading or listening today, it will bring a host of spiritual blessings into our spiritual lives.


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