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Making the Bible Smaller

Bible-study09u79The Bible is a lengthy book and there have been many efforts to reduce its size. Some cut out the verses they don’t like while others ignore huge chunks like the Old Testament. Years ago, a Reader’s Digest version only included so-called important verses.

Yet, there is a healthier way to make the Bible smaller and more manageable and it has God’s stamp of approval (Psalm 119). Deep study familiarizes us with the entirety of the Bible and in the process brings the covers closer together.

Ignorance causes us to see 66 disparate books of unrelated information. We weigh passages against each other to see which ones are important to us. It’s an ego-centric method of Bible Study rather than one that glorifies the Lord (Ephesians 3:21).

We must learn everything we can about Scripture so we can fit the pieces together. Trace the threads of light and darkness, blood and water, shepherding, bondage and freedom and a host of others that permeate God’s Word.

Tie the Old and New Testaments together through themes, types, antitypes and prophecies. Nothing was invented when the new covenant was ushered into existence in Acts 2. God had prepared everything beforehand and they simply had to apply what already existed in new ways.

No one should attempt to understand worship, baptism or the Lord’s Supper without a thorough study of Exodus and Leviticus. It’s imperative that we become conversant with the Old Testament so we can understand the New (Romans 15:4).

We must make every page vibrant in our hearts because it’s all inspired and important if we want to go to heaven (2 Timothy 3:16-17). See if it from God’s perspective and we understand how each word rings with clarity.



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