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Keep on Writing for God


J. Randal Matheny made some nice comments about me today and I greatly appreciate them. He is a dear friend and colleague.

He wrote,

About three weeks ago, columnist and former managing editor Richard Mansel wrote his 500th consecutive article here on Forthright. He’s never missed a single week. He holds a Forthright record that will likely never be beat. We’re grateful for Richard’s consistent, quality articles. We count him as a good friend and coworker in the gospel. His contributions continue to enrich our lives and we pray the Lord will increase his fruitful harvest in his upcoming change of ministry.

I’m proud of this milestone and now I press on to 520 weeks or a full 10 years of consecutive articles at Forthright Magazine. I’m thankful that they allow me to write for such a wonderful site and to share with such a great staff of writers.

Writing to the glory of God is as great an honor as exists on earth and I am deeply privileged to have the chance to serve Him in this manner. I pray my health allows me to do so for years to come. I have too much more to say. Thanks to all my readers who make it possible.


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2 thoughts on “Keep on Writing for God

  1. Richard, I’ve always enjoyed your writing, and am sorry I didn’t get to meet you before you left Allenhurst. I wish you well in your work in Alabama.
    Larry Sheehy
    Statesboro, GA

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