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Online Resources for the Apostle Paul [Updated]

Two Edged Sword

by Richard Mansel

I want to offer the diligent Bible student tools to use in their study of the Apostle Paul. We need to use discretion when doing research. Just because a scholar says it, doesn’t make it right.

Novelty can be appealing but Biblical authority is of much greater importance (2 Timothy 3:16-17). We must stay in the Word but never be afraid to study history to supplement what we learn from Scripture.

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What Is a Proselyte?


A. We hear it in lessons or classes, yet how many of us know what it is and why it matters?

B. The more we know about the Bible and God’s plan, the more we appreciate His wisdom and work


A. The word “proselyte” is Greek, meaning to make a convert.

B. The word for proselyte was first used in the Septuagint, a Greek translation of the Hebrew Old Testament. Often, the Hebrew word “ger,” meaning a “sojourner” or an “immigrant” was translated by the Greek word for proselyte. In time, the first meaning was dropped completely. [1] Read more…

Trust Luke’s Inspired Account


by Richard Mansel

In the book of Acts, we find a remarkable account of history. Not only is Acts inspired from the mind of God (2 Timothy 3:16-17), it’s recorded by a very capable, attentive and skilled historian. We can trust the message from his pen.

Despite the veracity of the Word, people still smugly doubt Luke’s account. From our modern perspective, we look down at ancient people and discount their abilities and intellect as primitive and juvenile.

However,  when we study the accomplishments of antiquity, we cannot come away with anything but awe at their capabilities. We’re still helpless in our technologically superior age to grasp the true gift of invention among these so-called barbarians.

When ancient people had indoor plumbing and Americans were still in outhouses a few decades ago, we’re foolish to say a word against our forefathers. As our new buildings crumble, we glance at the timeless pyramids and hide our face in embarrassment.

Yet, in our enlightened age, we persevere in our childishness.

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Paul’s Amazing Voyage


This thrilling story surpasses the greatest literature ever written because it’s completely true. A mass murderer finds himself both redeemed and hunted. No matter how much good he does, his past haunts him. Yet, he’s fearless against impossible forces.

Saul, who would become Paul, is a monster ravaging the Church (Acts 8:1-3; 9:1-2). His bloodthirsty mission sends him to Damascus, where Saul stands with bloody hands before the only one who can remove the stain on his soul (1 John 1:7). Read more…

The Qualities that Made Paul a Great Man of God


by Richard Mansel


The Apostle Paul scarred from the daily spiritual wars, sought release through the rest Christ promised (Hebrews 4:8-11). His arduous battle was at an end. Few would face the struggles he had endured. His body was tired and ached for relief.

Spiritually, his soul hungered for God and the glory he knew awaited. He had worked the entire day and soon the night would fall about them.

Paul’s fervor, fellowship and faith gave him the impetus to be confident in his eternal destiny. It explains his self-motivation as he endured his life of sacrifice.

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Commentaries on Acts


Any serious Bible student should have E-Sword. It is free and indispensable to in-depth studies. I use it several times a week, and there are new resources from time to time. It is highly recommended.

I want to share some materials to help you in your study of the “Acts of the Apostles.” Please use your discretion when studying any man-made book. However, the discerning student can benefit from a wide reading of books and articles. Posting these commentaries is not an endorsement of them.

Readers must understand that it would be nearly impossible to produce an exhaustive list of online resources. I am gathering resources for my personal study of Paul’s arrest, incarceration and voyage. Therefore, I am gathering as many materials as I can for my research. In the process, I am sharing these with you. You can use or ignore whatever you choose.

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