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Offering Hope for Broken People


When we take the gospel to the world, we will encounter broken people. They are everywhere and they need help. It would certainly be easier to only deal with happy, positive people. But by doing so, we would betray God’s mission (Matthew 28:18-20).

Award-winning writer Joyce Carol Oates has been busy on her Twitter account discussing depression, war, police brutality and the horrors people face in this cruel world. More of us need to start being aware and alert to those who are suffering. Oates writes in a series of tweets:
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Painting a Picture of Depression


In my previous posts I discussed the reality of depression.

Robin Williams and Depression

Christians and Mental Illness

In the article about Robin Williams we looked at an important quote that helped address the need to distinguish depression from sadness.

Today, I have come across a powerful piece about the realities of depression.  Read more…

Robin Williams and Depression


Millions are mourning the loss of one of the most beloved actors and comedians in our lifetimes.

Robin Williams died of an apparent suicide at the age of 63 as a result of a prolonged battle with deep depression. He had an Academy Award, wealth, fame, millions of dollars and a family. So, why was he depressed? Why couldn’t he just get over it?

Things are far more complicated than many realize. Depression is very real and we cannot Biblically say that it is a lack of faith in every case because there are more factors than we can know.

The English language fails us because we lump everything under one word. Therefore, we dismiss the entire lot without a thought. What a tragedy. Read more…

Christians and Mental Illness


by Richard Mansel

Her public demeanor exudes happiness and smiles. However, her private world, shrouded in darkness and dread, lays behind locked doors. She is terrified that her Christian family will discover her mental problems.

Her church had been there for her during her and her families’ surgeries and yet, she is afraid of what they might say about her secret problems.

She has heard some of them scoff at mental illness as evidence of a weak faith and a lack of toughness. She worries that maybe they are correct.

She tries to pray and read the Bible enough and yet nothing seems to help. Her worldly friends beg her to get help, but they do not understand. She struggles on.

Where did Christians get the idea that mental and emotional illnesses were a result of a lack of faith, weakness, laziness, or a sign of sin? How many Christians have we driven away from the Lord because of our heartless words and actions?

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