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Why Affection is so Important to Marriage


Thomas and Maggie sat in marriage counseling. Maggie dabbed at her swollen eyes as she cried about Thomas’ refusal to be affectionate to his wife of 32 years.

The counselor asked Thomas why he was cold towards her.

“That’s silly stuff. I won’t do it.”

“Maggie, did Thomas kiss you when you were dating?” Read more…


Protecting Our Marriage


Jake and Lesa labored to build their fortress. The blankets stretched over the chairs, until the kindergartners could crawl underneath, without any light showing through. They turned on their flashlights, rejoicing in their safety.

Years passed, Jake and Lesa were sweethearts in college. They had ostensibly been together since birth, growing up on the same street. Their love for one another was tender and sweet. They had friends and a lot of success academically and were happy together.

However, not all was well, as time progressed. One day, with broken hearts, they sat before their preacher, seeking advice. The scared young couple sat apart, unable to get near each other. Read more…

Guest Editorial: The Single Minister


[Editor’s Note: About 20 years ago at one of my first try-outs as a graduate of the Master of Ministry program at Freed-Hardeman University, I was told that a congregation would hire me if I were married. You don’t forget such moments and ever since then, I have been an advocate for men who are single being allowed into the ministry. Stan Mitchell does an excellent job arguing for that very thing. Please take notice of his message.]

by Stan Mitchell

“For a man to remain a bachelor, he must either keep a cool head, or cold feet.”

Barnabas, Jeremiah, Paul, Jesus Christ. What do these men have in common? They were single ministers. Bachelors who served the Lord. Read more…

Counting the Costs


by Richard Mansel

Singer, songwriter Fiona Apple writes piercing words about relationships. While I do not endorse all she writes or does, her song, “Paper Bag,” carries a profound lesson.

In her song, she discusses a man who holds a powerful attraction for her. At the outset, she is exhilarated because she thinks the dove of hope is about to alight upon her. Then, she realizes it was only a paper bag and the jarring image awakens her from her stupor.

She carries the image into her analysis of the doomed relationship. Her lover was a man who had failed to grow up and was not ready for an adult relationship. She knew she had to leave before she was in too deep.

Fiona writes:

“Hunger hurts, but starving works, when it costs too much to love.”

These words are stunning when we carefully meditate upon their implications.

Read more…

The Bible’s Simple Plan for Sex


by Richard Mansel,

Scripture speaks often and favorably about sex. God loves humanity and provides sexual fulfillment as a rewarding way to bring marriages closer together and to produce offspring.

In the proper context, it is a powerful and beautiful thing. We will briefly consider the proper role of sex in our lives.

God’s plan is simple and wholesome. However, the world ridicules it as being old-fashioned, outdated and repressive. These false charges are proof of how sexually depraved the world has become.

Read more…

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