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Problem with Preacher-Centered Evangelism

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In my first year of full-time preaching, I was told by a leader of the congregation, “I don’t have to visit. That’s what we pay you for.”

This statement encapsulates the problem with the form of evangelism practiced in far too many congregations.

Preacher-centered evangelism is where the preacher is the sum total of the evangelistic efforts of the congregation. It falls on him to find all the prospects, teach them, immerse them and foster their spiritual growth.

If this growth fails to materialize, then he is replaced by another man and the cycle begins anew. Read more…


Bible and the Locked Room


We are asked to grasp the wind.

“But without faith it is impossible to please Him” (Hebrews 11:6, NKJV).

However, we can also say that without faith it is impossible to understand God, as well. The foundation beliefs about God are accessible for all but the deeper we go, the more challenging God becomes.

Fleshly man lives in a finite world where we trust in science and the tangible. Seeing is believing in our self-absorbed age but we cannot apply that to understanding God. He is a spirit (John 4:24) and although we are made in his spiritual image (Genesis 1:26), he is absolutely nothing like us. Read more…

Philosophy of Preaching


Preachers carry a specific mindset into the pulpit. They approach the text and the presentation based on their presuppositions coupled with their abilities and opportunities.

Faithful Bible students will allow Scripture to be their mirror and sword (James 1:23; Ephesians 6:17).

As a fulltime preacher for the past nineteen years I want to share the main points of my philosophy of preaching in hopes of helping others. Read more…

Preparing to Teach God’s Word


Teaching requires that we yield a part of ourselves and step away from our comfort zones. Teaching is a fearful thing for many people and they dread it. Nevertheless, Christianity is a taught religion (Matthew 28:18-20) and requires a significant sacrifice.

Naturally, our minds, ever quick to rationalize, will look for an avenue of escape. James appears to provide one:

“My brethren, let not many of you become teachers, knowing that we shall receive a stricter judgment” (James 3:1, NKJV).

However, before we sprint into the shadows, let us see what James meant. Would the Lord’s own brother betray the Great Commission and the mission of his Lord? Read more…

I Am Weak, but Thou Art Strong


Marty Broome preaches at the Darien Church of Christ on the South Georgia coast. He does an excellent job and he recently shared this inspiring story.

“I am weak, but Thou are strong; Jesus, keep me from all wrong; I’ll be satisfied as long…As I walk, let me walk close to Thee.”

Just the words to a favorite hymn, but sometimes a song can say more than we can ever verbalize. Everyone that knows me, knows that I’m a positive person…or at least I try to be.

But, if I’m honest, working in the mission field can be a little discouraging from time to time. I was going through one of those times just a couple of weeks ago when Sunday morning rolled around.

My lessons were prepared for Sunday and Bible class began.  Our numbers were down…way down and as I walked into the pulpit to begin the sermon a total of 5 people (including myself) were in the auditorium. We usually have around 25-30. I kept thinking more folks would come in. Maybe they were running late. But at least we did have a visitor from the community.

But I must confess; at that moment I was weak. Have you ever felt that way? You start to question yourself and your message. I think that if we are honest, we have all been there. Read more…

Preaching and Ministry Articles


After nineteen years of preaching and advanced degrees from Freed-Hardeman and Southern Christian universities, I am completely  in debt to the Lord. I would have nothing without Him. Special thanks to all my professors, teachers, fellow preachers and friends who have taught and influenced me through these years. I cannot adequately express my gratitude for what you have done to help me. Of course, my wife and daughters are an extraordinary blessing in my life.

My Book on the Plan of Salvation

My Philosophy of Preaching

Why I Love the Bible Read more…

Sermon on John 21

In 2012, I delivered this lesson at the Southeast Georgia Lectureship in Richmond Hill, Georgia. I was honored to speak on John 21 and the amazing story of Jesus appearing to the apostles on the seashore. This is a great passage full of so much deep meaning.

As a disclaimer, the stationary camera and my pacing are bad combinations. But it doesn’t affect the audio.

Bible Research Tip


I know most preachers are busy people and time is at a premium. However, we cannot allow that to endanger our work.

When we’re called upon to speak or write about a false doctrine, we must examine the bigger picture. The easy choice is to read all the people we can access that agree with us, collate the material, paraphrase it and call it done.

Friends, we must resist this urge with all of our being! Read more…

Meeting the Preacher at the Door after the Sermon

close-up of a businessman shaking hands with a businesswoman

by Richard Mansel

There is a time-honored tradition of the preacher meeting people at the door as they exit the building after worship. Few Christians give any thought to how fragile and weighty that moment can be.

As soon as the last amen is uttered, the race begins. Attendees who don’t want to talk nearly run out the door. The preacher is outnumbered and barely gets a chance to shake a few hands as the wave moves past him.

Read more…

Preaching and the artistry of words

The preacher uses words to deliver the message of the gospel. They are the brush he wields to paint the vibrant colors of heaven, the vivid reds of the cross and the victories of salvation.

I wonder, though, how many preachers make the connection between their commission and the mastery of language. A novelist lives and dies by the power of words in order to produce more compelling prose.

While preachers and writers differ in their medium, they should share the same vision of changing the world around them.

Read more…

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