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Philosophy of Preaching


Preachers carry a specific mindset into the pulpit. They approach the text and the presentation based on their presuppositions coupled with their abilities and opportunities.

Faithful Bible students will allow Scripture to be their mirror and sword (James 1:23; Ephesians 6:17).

As a fulltime preacher for the past nineteen years I want to share the main points of my philosophy of preaching in hopes of helping others. Read more…


Preparing to Teach God’s Word


Teaching requires that we yield a part of ourselves and step away from our comfort zones. Teaching is a fearful thing for many people and they dread it. Nevertheless, Christianity is a taught religion (Matthew 28:18-20) and requires a significant sacrifice.

Naturally, our minds, ever quick to rationalize, will look for an avenue of escape. James appears to provide one:

“My brethren, let not many of you become teachers, knowing that we shall receive a stricter judgment” (James 3:1, NKJV).

However, before we sprint into the shadows, let us see what James meant. Would the Lord’s own brother betray the Great Commission and the mission of his Lord? Read more…

Sermon on John 21

In 2012, I delivered this lesson at the Southeast Georgia Lectureship in Richmond Hill, Georgia. I was honored to speak on John 21 and the amazing story of Jesus appearing to the apostles on the seashore. This is a great passage full of so much deep meaning.

As a disclaimer, the stationary camera and my pacing are bad combinations. But it doesn’t affect the audio.

What Is a Proselyte?


A. We hear it in lessons or classes, yet how many of us know what it is and why it matters?

B. The more we know about the Bible and God’s plan, the more we appreciate His wisdom and work


A. The word “proselyte” is Greek, meaning to make a convert.

B. The word for proselyte was first used in the Septuagint, a Greek translation of the Hebrew Old Testament. Often, the Hebrew word “ger,” meaning a “sojourner” or an “immigrant” was translated by the Greek word for proselyte. In time, the first meaning was dropped completely. [1] Read more…

Sermon on the Role of Elders


This is from a lectureship at the Church of Christ in Hinesville, Georgia in August of 2013. Being a lectureship, this is longer than a regular sermon.

I was asked to speak on the Role of Elders. We can get caught up in the minutia of the qualifications and miss the larger picture.

When we step back and see what kind of man God wants in leadership, we develop a healthier understanding of the true intent behind the qualifications (1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:6-9). Like most everything else in the New Testament, the secret lies in the perpetual struggle between the fleshly and the spiritual (Romans 12:1-2).

The audio of the sermon.

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