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Who is the Author of the Gospel of John?


by Richard Mansel

The Gospel of John is a treasure that has enriched the lives of many readers. For the novice it provides an intimate portrait of our Lord while for the seasoned, the “I Am” statements become wells of undetermined depths.

John has opened the shutters on the Lord in ways that no one else has. From his words, we can learn more about our Savior and by extension, His Father. However, before we examine this majestic work and its themes we must consider the pertinent question of authorship.

Determining the author of the Fourth Gospel is a challenging task for the Bible student because to depend on scholars is to wander in the morass of opinion and theory. Raymond Brown puts it this way. “It is notorious that many Biblical scholars are also passionate readers of detective stories. These two interests come together in the quest to identify the author of the Fourth Gospel.” [1]

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Interview with Blogger Cindy Colley

Cindy Colley is one of the most popular women writers in Churches of Christ. Her website, Bless Your Heart, is one for your bookmarks.  Thanks, Cindy, for your work. All of Cindy’s family are writers. Check out their published works.

1. You have a blog. Tell us about it.

It’s called Bless Your Heart and contains entertaining spiritual issues and ideas that affect women. My readership and responses keep me humble and busy!

2. How did you get started as a writer?

Well, I began more as a teacher than a writer. The first book I published was written when I was twenty-three years old. I was teaching a teen girls’ class at the East Hill Church of Christ in Pulaski,Tennessee, where my husband, Glenn, was serving as the preacher. Writing my own material for that class, I soon began making copies of what I had written for use in various forums. Later, as the demand became obvious for the material, I went to a printer and purchased 500 copies of that little work. Shortly thereafter, Publishing Designs approached me and the rest is history. That first book was originally called Crown of Creation and is now the first in a series by that name.

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Interview with Christopher Gallagher

Chris runs the Preacher’s Pen website that is closer to being a full-service blog. He offers a large variety of materials. He is currently expanding into even more areas. I sought his insight on his work with his site, to help us see further into the mechanics of a successful blog. I appreciate Chris’ time and effort.

1. Tell us about your blog.

The Preacher’s Pen website started off as a small communication tool and has evolved into a full fledged website offering articles, sermon outlines, PowerPoints, eBooks and other resources to assist others in “creating a better day today for a better life tomorrow based on the teachings of Jesus Christ.”

2. How did you get started as a blogger?

The Preacher’s Pen got started when my family and I were moving to South Carolina and the site allowed family and friends to keep up with our move and the congregation. When we moved to Mount Pleasant, the congregation was only two years old and people wanted to stay in touch with our work.

As the work grew so did the Preacher’s Pen website, even evolving it into a site with plenty of free resources. I pray the Preacher’s Pen website continues to grow and develop throughout the years.
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Interview with Weylan Deaver

Weylan Deaver is experienced with websites, so I wanted to get his insight into what he has learned from his work in the blogosphere. I appreciate Weylan participating in this series of interviews.  Weylan is also active in sharing the gospel through Twitter, so I was anxious to read his perspective on this medium.

Weylan is a Fellow at the Fellowship Room, where I am blessed to serve.

1. You have a blog. Tell us about it.

My blog is Weylan Words . I started it in 2009 as a place to post religious writings, book reviews, poetry, and miscellaneous observations.

2. How did you get started as a blogger?

I noticed other people were doing it and it was something that, with my limited technical expertise, I could still manage. Though not a website designer, with a blog, I could still sort of be one. After a bit of researching the most popular formats, I ended up going with WordPress.

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Interview with Adam Faughn

In our first of a series of interviews with bloggers, we spoke with Mike Riley, who runs a successful Biblical blog that has been around a long time and focuses on Mike’s articles. Today, we turn to Adam Faughn who runs the Faughn Family of Four blog. I asked Adam to join us, because he has a different format. The subtitle of his blog is, “Our blog about the Bible, family, and fun!”

Adam discusses the Bible, hymns, as well as posting links to various sites and articles. He offers a broad appeal and actively advertizes his blog. I wanted to get his insight into what he is doing. Thanks, Adam.

1. You have a blog. Tell us about it.

My blog, The Faughn Family of Four, covers a little bit of everything. I wanted to mention the entire family in the blog name because we do put pictures of the family on there from time-to-time, but also because we blog about family more than any other subject.

2. How did you get started as a blogger?

I really started my blog as a way to do two things. First, it was an extra “outlet” for my bulletin articles. Also, it was a way to add some commentary on news articles. While our focus has changed in the 5 years we’ve been doing this (as has our site…twice!), I still see the blog as an extra outlet.

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Interview with Mike Riley

In order to grow as a writer, we can learn from others who are successful. I hope to include writers and bloggers and those who are succeeding at Twitter, so we can learn from their experience. I hope that you find these interviews compelling.

Mike Riley is a good friend who works with me at The Fellowship Room as a Fellow.  His website Mike Riley’s Articles is very successful and he is doing a great work for the Lord. His moniker at Twitter is @BibleScholar . He also maintains a website for the  Montana  Street Church of Christ in El Paso, Texas. His love for the truth and his knowledge of God’s Word impresses me.

Let’s see what we can learn from his experience. I appreciate Mike being the first one to participate in this series of interviews.

1. Mike, tell us about your blog.

Mike Riley’s Article blog was begun in January of 2006 at the urging of Brothers G.E. (Eddie) Watkins and Kevin Cauley, the originators of “The Preacher’s Files” website. After transferring over 300 previously written articles from “” website to my article blog on “The Preacher‘s Files,“ I began writing and posting articles to it. There are now 1,935 articles on the site.

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