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What is Library Protocol?


During a recent trip to the Savannah library, I was doing research on a writing project, and I noticed a woman at a nearby table. She had her computer, papers, phone, phone charger, etc. spread out before her.

About an hour later, she wandered off to answer a phone call. I kept working until it was time for me to go to lunch and some appointments. However, phone lady had not returned. Read more…


An Open Letter to Preachers


In the nearly 20 years I have spent preaching or training to do so, I have seen countless instances of squabbling over whether a preacher should get an education.

Those on both sides have fired volleys across the library barricades and too many injuries have occurred.

I call for a ceasefire! Read more…

Richard’s Reading Room


I have started a new page on Facebook called “Richard’s Reading Room,” where we will discuss Books, Reading, Writing and a love for learning. You are welcome to come and join us as long as you understand that we are a Christian-themed site and we do not allow any profanity or rudeness. Having said that, we will not be restricting our discussions to Christian books by any means. We need nice, knowledgeable bookworms to share our love of books! See you soon!


What Would be Your Perfect Home Library?

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