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Reading and Writing Music


I live in an active home and regretfully I have a difficult time reading or writing when there is noise. Since I can’t always get away from it, I put on my headphones and let instrumental music fill my mind instead so I can be free to read or write.

Accordingly, I wanted to share some of my favorites. I know there are countless examples of instrumental videos I could post but these are beautiful and long enough to serve the purposes I have in mind. I hope you find them helpful. Read more…


Best Books of 2014


I hope your reading year has been a success. Mine has been extraordinary.

Every year, I write down the books that I read. Well, that is until Goodreads began doing it for me. Anyway, I always hope to reach 100 books but I’ve never done it before.

Yet, the mountain has been conquered! As of right now, I am at 134 and working on another one before the end of the year. Reaching this milestone has been a blessing.

I wanted to share the best fiction and non-fiction books that I have read this year.

You can see my love for international fiction. I just finished one from Iceland and reading one from Ghana. You get the joy of reading while learning about another culture. I highly recommend it.  Read more…

Tasty Treats for the Reader


I hope you will enjoy these links.

Ernest Hemingway gives advice on writing and a list of books writers should read. [Profanity Alert]

24 Facts about the Great Gatsby

Memoir of the youngest Schindler’s list survivor

New Tolkien epic about King Arthur

Remodeling the Yale Library

13 Words that Knocked out Spelling Bee Contestants

Books Help Kids Avoid the Summer Slide

Interview with Walter Mosley

Best New Books by Publisher’s Weekly

Digital Bible will be Personalized

The True Story of Wyatt Earp’s Wife

Richard’s Reading Room


I have started a new page on Facebook called “Richard’s Reading Room,” where we will discuss Books, Reading, Writing and a love for learning. You are welcome to come and join us as long as you understand that we are a Christian-themed site and we do not allow any profanity or rudeness. Having said that, we will not be restricting our discussions to Christian books by any means. We need nice, knowledgeable bookworms to share our love of books! See you soon!


Reading Lists

Years ago, I began keeping a list of the books I read and listen to. Every year I have a goal of reaching 100 and I never make it. I’ve made it to the upper 80’s but no more. Right now, I am in the mid-60’s.

Anyway, as a result I have been reluctant to read books over 500 pages. I’m thinking maybe I need to skip next year and tackle some longer books. I have been neglecting history books and novels such as Les Miserables and Moby Dick

What about you? Do you have reading goals? Do you make a list of all that you read?

I look forward to your replies. As always, thank you for reading my humble blog!

Bookworms and Technology

While I know little about technology, I can still enjoy all the blessings that come from the knowledge and achievements of others. We are truly blessed in our day to have so many tools to enjoy information and stories. As a bookworm, I am embracing the opportunities as much as I can.

  • I will always be reading a book with more stacked beside my bed and a list of holds at the library.
  • I will always be listening to an audio book in my car when I drive and have a stack waiting for me to enjoy.
  • I have audio books I listen to on my computer while I am working or relaxing.
  • I have e-books downloaded on my computer kindle.
  • I have e-books on the kindle on my Android.

Recently, I finished reading my first book on my phone. I was proud to have taken that step. At some point, I will get a real e-book reader but for now, my phone will work fine. Thanks to technology, I can read or listen to a book everywhere I go. What can be better than that?

I know I’m not the only one who has this many books going at once. I’d love to hear your story about your adventures with books and technology–high-tech or low-tech.

The taste of writing…

A Love of Learning

A hunger for learning is an enemy of boredom and a friend of success. Instilling a love for reading and a curiosity about people and the world into a child is a great accomplishment for a parent. If that child will foster that learning and turn it into a voracious fire, nothing will stop them!

Beautiful Bookstores

I wanted to share a link of beautiful and unique bookstores from around the world. Enjoy!

What Kind of Bookmarks Do You Use?

I am interested in what you use as a bookmark. I have a basic one from the library and I use it until it wears out. The bookmarks I use don’t have any special qualities or significance. They are simply functional.

I read one book at a time. Some of you read several books at once, so you will need a lot of markers. Do you use certain ones for specific purposes? Do you get them from the library or cheap ones from bookstores or do you actually go out and buy them?

Should be interesting to read your responses.

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