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Tired vs Fibro Fatigue



How to Talk to People with Chronic Illnesses


by Richard Mansel

People don’t know how to handle things that are different from their own life experiences. They may treat such things with dismissal or derision. However, neither are healthy alternatives when dealing with the human heart.

People with chronic illnesses battle obstacles on a daily basis. Obviously, their health captivates much of their attention and energy. They simply want to be normal. Yet, they usually find themselves alone in a crowded room.

However, a healthy person may see such constant focus as unseemly. The more sympathetic may be embarrassed or uncomfortable. They don’t know what to say or do, and they just wish the situation would go away.

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Overcoming Disabilities


by Richard Mansel

May 10, 2010 was one of the scariest days of my life. I was in the office writing. I stood up to go somewhere and realized I couldn’t walk. I stumbled home to lie on the bed, scared and hurting. Soon it spread to my arms and hands.

Several doctor’s appointments and tests followed. I eventually went to the Mayo Clinic and spent five weeks at a Pain Rehabilitation Center. I was eventually diagnosed with  Fibromyalgia.

At the Pain Rehabilitation Center, I learned to walk again and use my arms and hands better. I still have pain, serious fatigue and problems walking and using my arms and hands.

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