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Interview with Richard Mansel

I have been interviewing writers, novelists and bloggers. I thought, why would I ask them to do what I am not willing to do? So, I am combining some questions from several of their interviews and interviewing myself.

My purpose is to share my thoughts on writing, so my readers can become more familiar with me. Hopefully, along the way, the readers of this interview will learn some things to help them grow as a writer.

It was a very interesting exercise that I recommend.

1. How did you get started as a writer?

In the fourth grade, I began writing short stories and sharing them with friends. When the sixth grade came along, Mrs. Pierce, allowed me to read my stories to the class. The students requested their favorites and I read them with immense pride.

I continued to write through the years, but I was less serious. When I began preaching, my writing became more important. I wrote religious articles and had some published. One day I submitted an article to Forthright Magazine and they published it and then another. I was asked to be a columnist and over 300 articles later, I am very honored to be a columnist and Managing Editor.

I am humbled that my articles have appeared in several publications, newspapers and websites. I have been privileged to produce chapters in ten books and to be the author of The  Most Important  Question, a book on the plan and purpose of salvation.

All of this and more, hearkens back to a teacher allowing a shy, gangly boy to read his stories to his class. If only she knew.

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Interview with Christopher Gallagher

Chris runs the Preacher’s Pen website that is closer to being a full-service blog. He offers a large variety of materials. He is currently expanding into even more areas. I sought his insight on his work with his site, to help us see further into the mechanics of a successful blog. I appreciate Chris’ time and effort.

1. Tell us about your blog.

The Preacher’s Pen website started off as a small communication tool and has evolved into a full fledged website offering articles, sermon outlines, PowerPoints, eBooks and other resources to assist others in “creating a better day today for a better life tomorrow based on the teachings of Jesus Christ.”

2. How did you get started as a blogger?

The Preacher’s Pen got started when my family and I were moving to South Carolina and the site allowed family and friends to keep up with our move and the congregation. When we moved to Mount Pleasant, the congregation was only two years old and people wanted to stay in touch with our work.

As the work grew so did the Preacher’s Pen website, even evolving it into a site with plenty of free resources. I pray the Preacher’s Pen website continues to grow and develop throughout the years.
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