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Strategy for Coping with Stress


by Richard Mansel

Worry can take our life away from us. It steals tomorrow before it ever arrives. Fibromyalgia feeds off of stress, and while there isn’t a cure for Fibro, there are strategies available to fight this dreaded illness.

Each of us must develop our own coping techniques. When Fibromyalgia came into my life in May 2010, I suddenly lost the ability to walk, some of the motor skills and strength in my hands and arms, and was left with a great deal of pain and fatigue. Read more…

Fibromyalgia: Will We Fight?


by Richard Mansel

Fibromyalgia is a terrible illness, and there isn’t a cure. It isn’t going away. It suddenly appeared but it isn’t likely to vanish overnight. It’s a dark and evil thing but it’s here and must be faced. Ignoring it won’t help.

If we can’t get rid of it, we have to decide how we will react to it. Failing to make a proactive decision is concession and defeat. Action must be taken on a conscious level. We fight for victory or we surrender with timidity. Read more…

Empathy is Eloquence of Heart

Express it today to the hurting people in your life.

Grammar Tips 9/17/10

We need to sharpen our grammar skills, so here are tips and links.

A Guide to Semicolons

Grammar Girl

Several Grammar Tips

English Grammar Exercises

English Grammar and Reference

English Grammar Lessons


English Guide

Study English Grammar

Grammar Slammer

Daily Grammar

Daily English Grammar Tips

Five  Errors That Make  You  Look Dumb

Grammar Errors

Why Editors are Important

Commentary Blues

Writing a commentary with good, useful information is wonderful. Yet, there is more to the job. One of the key functions of a commentary is to be quoted. However, if the writing is sloppy, then no one will quote you and probably not read your work.  Yet again, laziness is counterproductive.  Find an editor!

Writing Thought of the Day

If you write a book that is just like everyone else is writing, it can hardly be called novel.

The Mission of the Writer

When we put our pen to paper, or more often, fingers to keys, we do so with a mission. We establish a goal and pursue it. If we sit down without one, and scatter random thoughts on the paper, the lack of unity will doom our project.

If we have never considered our mission as a writer, we may need to spend some time in consideration. We cannot be aimless in our mission, if we wish to change hearts and minds. No army or sports team goes into battle without a plan.

My mission as a writer is to employ my abilities and fire them with creativity and passion, to create something of power. I write with the end-result in mind. I try to penetrate the hearts of my readers and foresee their perception of my piece.

If my writing is successful, it is because I have circumnavigated the natural defenses of the reader and made them think and engage their feelings about their soul. If they find themselves changed by my thoughts in any way, my mission has succeeded.

Read more…

Days Are Like Leaves

Days, like leaves, are all unique. Some break at your step, while others fly around and play.

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