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Seven Ways to Build Tension in Your Writing

The following clip from the film, “No Country for Old Men,” presents an honors class for writing an unforgettable scene.

In this brilliantly acted and directed scene, we find a masterpiece of suspense. It builds slowly and inexorably, and the viewer is filled with dread. Joel and Ethan Coen directed this 2007 film and adapted the screenplay from a novel by Cormac McCarthy.

Without histrionics, profanity, special effects or violence, the director and the writer work together to lure the viewer into their web.

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Free Charlie Chaplin Films


The Internet Archive has thankfully gathered dozens of short films from the greatest comedian and one of the best filmmakers in movie history, Charlie Chaplin. Introduce Chaplin to your children, and they will love him. Mine did.

There’s Nothing Like a Book

How to Write Tighter Fiction

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