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The Bible’s Simple Plan for Sex


by Richard Mansel,

Scripture speaks often and favorably about sex. God loves humanity and provides sexual fulfillment as a rewarding way to bring marriages closer together and to produce offspring.

In the proper context, it is a powerful and beautiful thing. We will briefly consider the proper role of sex in our lives.

God’s plan is simple and wholesome. However, the world ridicules it as being old-fashioned, outdated and repressive. These false charges are proof of how sexually depraved the world has become.

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Immodesty Meets Reality

The only possible motives for women intentionally showing off their bodies, namely their cleavage, are:

  • No one can tell that they can’t
  • If you got it, flaunt it.
  • Everyone else is doing it.

If we wrap all of these into one Idea for the sake of illustration, we see the real problem with intentional immodesty. This idea is no different than Mary and her little lamb-everywhere Mary went, her lamb was sure to follow.

If Mary goes left, the lamb goes left. She can’t go anywhere outside where the lamb will not pursue her.

The aforementioned Idea’s lamb is unwanted attention. Idea cannot ever hope to go out in public where Unwanted Attention will not follow. Unwanted Attention will pursue Idea no matter where it goes.

Immodesty is contrary to human nature and that will never change. Unwanted attention will never be banished by political correctness, indoctrination, anger or violence. Unwanted Attention will always persist in the chase.

Even if women were modest and chaste, unwanted attention would still exist. However, it would be much less aggressive.

Immodesty activates the hunger of Unwanted Attention and it will not be satisfied by anything that Idea thinks or wishes. Unwanted Attention is primal and not subject to reasoning.

The only way Unwanted Attention can be controlled is by degrees. Lower the temperature and Unwanted Attention slows down and becomes less active.

In a strange twist, Idea also seems to be lacking the ability to reason. No matter what anyone says or does, Idea persists in the hopeless idea that they can put a leash on Unwanted Attention and control it. This is impossible as long as Idea exists.

Fighting against the impossible is like yelling at a mountain to move out of our way.

Immodest women will never be able to control who notices them. When an attractive woman walks into a room, everyone-men, boys, women and girls-all turn to watch. It’s human nature and will not change.

If that is true of women in general, it would obviously be more pronounced if she were half-dressed.

Yet, immodest women still insist that only attractive men will notice their immodesty. Undesirable men will ignore them because, well, they just should. No intellectual reason, just coulda, woulda, shoulda.

Judah perceived that Tamar was available because of where she was and how she was dressed (Genesis 38).

Intentionally immodest women are proclaiming themselves available sexually and nothing can change that fact. Idea can get mad, yell, protest and picket.

Immodesty can stand and yell at that mountain until they are hoarse and that mountain isn’t moving.


Love for Daughters

We all love to talk about the things that bring us joy in life. As readers of this site know, books and writing are two of mine. However, there is much more to me than that.

In addition to God and my beautiful wife, my daughters are the greatest joy in my life. In fact, daughter is one of my very favorite words.

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Modesty and the Eye of God

The temperature is warming up and the buds are blooming. Spring is about to awaken the land, bringing joy and new life. We love shedding our coats and being comfortable outside. The problem comes when we shed too many clothes.

When warm weather arrives, clothing shrinks dramatically. Suddenly, body parts come out of hiding like animals in hibernation. However, unlike animals hiding in forests, human body parts are very public and no one is immune from seeing them.

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The Sad Story of the Designated Friend

She was very special to him and he spent whatever time he could with her, taking her to the movies and to dinner. They went to church together and rode horses. He felt warm with the joy she brought him. That is, until the truth rose to the surface like a sea monster.

He was driving her to dinner on a Wednesday and she proclaimed, “I finally found someone I can date!”

Her words struck him like daggers. Since when did she need someone to date? She already had someone! What was she thinking?

Sadly, this lonely young man had returned to the role of which he had become accustomed. The loneliest species of men is the designated friend, and he had taken his familiar place in line. Morose, he forced himself to listen to her trumpet her new boyfriend’s qualities.

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Women, Reclaim Your Self-Worth

Stacey’s tears stain her face as she covers her head with the comforter. As usual, the night brings pain and confusion, as she runs through her day. Her heart, wildly divided, resembles two horses running in opposite directions.

She lives two lives. She loves God and wants to be pure, but she also craves popularity among her peers and the love of a special boy. However, popularity and boys seem out of her reach if she does what she hears at church. She needs to try something new.

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