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Richard’s Book

The Most Important Question

Richard Mansel guides you through the plan and purpose of salvation and helps you on the path to heaven in “The Most Important Question.” It contains 26 short chapters that are perfect for personal study or to share with those who need to hear the truth.

“It is excellently written, and doctrinally  sound. In my judgment these are much-needed articles that address matters fundamental to Christianity in a manner that will be beneficial to the reader” [David Sain, Preacher, West Fayetteville Church of Christ, Fayetteville, TN.]

“Purposefully brief, but well-considered, Biblical to the core, showing great respect for God’s  Word. Mansel cuts to the heart of the matter, time and again. He asks us to do what he has done, to read Scripture fairly and let God says what He says” [Bill Bagents, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean, Heritage University, Florence, Alabama].

Available through Forthright Press

Only $6.95 plus shipping and handling. That is a small price to pay when souls are at stake!

Contact Barbara at  (901) 517-7274 or email her at

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14 thoughts on “Richard’s Book

  1. Lida Lindsey on said:

    Happy that you are doing well. I really miss you and your family. I always knew that you stood for the truth as written in God’s word. I know that you will continue to follow Christ and His teachings. The “Blog” really looks to be interesting and hope I can find the time to follow it as it progresses. Take care and God Bless.

  2. Lida Lindsey on said:

    Oh by the way, I will be purchasing a copy of your book

  3. Thank you, Lida. We miss you and your family, too. You are very special to us.

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