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Calling Men to a Higher Standard


Jesus calls men to a higher standard

Societal shifts are detrimental in many ways. The world of entertainment makes millions mocking men as stupid and useless.

Men aren’t keeping up with women in graduation rates. Increasingly, men are moving in with working women to pay their bills. Moreover, they’re far too often not raising their children or even present in the home.

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Teaching Moments for Parents

Teaching Moments

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Time Money

What about faithful Christians with unfaithful adult children?

Grandmother, mother and daughter by lake, head and shoulders. Image shot 2006. Exact date unknown.

by Richard Mansel

Certain topics matter very much to Christians in the pew, but they’re rarely addressed from the pulpit. We must open the window on a topic that causes pain for many Christians.

What does the Bible say about faithful Christians who have unfaithful adult children?

We must tread lightly because raw nerves lie exposed. Some Christian parents do have unfaithful children because of the mistakes they made. Extrapolating that belief to all families is both dangerous and dishonest.

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